What you need to know before purchasing

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Step Forward orthotics need to be individually fitted. For this reason, once you have completed your purchase online we will first courier foot print sheets to you with instructions on how to take your foot prints. Once you have emailed or faxed these foot prints back to us we will do the necessary measurements and courier the orthotics to you.
The whole process will be anything between 4-7 work days. (South Africa only)

What you need to know before purchasing

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There is a break-in programme to follow which takes around 2-3 weeks. At first you would start off wearing them for a couple of minutes, few times a day and progressively wear them for longer and longer untill wearing them all day. This programme needs to be adhered to to successfully break-in to them.

What you need to know before purchasing

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Now that you are familiar with the process of obtaining and using this fantastic product, you can continue with your purchase below by clicking on the button.

Please feel free to call us on +27 (0)87 230 0383 during office hours or send us an email with any questions you may have.

Tel : +27 (0)87 230 0383


The use of the Soft Steps are not intended to guarantee a cure or prevent any foot disease, health condition or any related ailments. The Seller is not liable for any incidental or consequential injuries or medical complications caused by using the goods. The Buyer hereby acknowledges responsibility for consulting a medical practitioner if necessary or at the recommendation of the Seller.