1 the orthotic that makes a difference 2 foot arch support superior quality 3 pain foot knee hip back 4 even weight distribution in feet good balance
Attention Teachers, Nurses, Hairdressers, Physios, Dentists, Surgeons, Pharmacists, Tradesmen, Factory Workers... in fact, everyone who spends their working hours on their feet!! Do you stand for long hours and have sore, tired feet at the end of the day? Have you found yourself looking for softer and softer shoes? Wearing thicker soles? Or wearing...
Foot ailments and problems Foot ailments and problems can be classified according to the part of the foot that is affected. Forefoot Problems Bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses, neuromas and burning toes are all problems of the forefoot and are often seen as the result of tight or ill-fitting footwear. But, although shoes may be a contributing fa...

Step Forward Soft-Step®
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The use of the Soft-Steps® are not intended to guarantee a cure or prevent any foot disease, health condition or any related ailments. The Seller is not liable for any incidental or consequential injuries or medical complications caused by using the goods. The Buyer hereby acknowledges responsibility for consulting a medical practitioner if necessary or at the recommendation of the Seller.

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