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Alternative Solutions for Foot Problems

Body Foot Puzzle

Let us take a look at some common foot and posture problems and the current, conventional options for relief. Then compare some exciting, very effective alternative and/or complementary solutions.

Foot and Posture Problems and Solutions


Conventional Options (Often merely treating the symptoms)

Alternative Options (Removing the Cause)

Achilles Problems: Tendonitis (inflammation in the tendon); Severs, etc.

Anti-Inflammatories, Exercises, Surgery.

* Transfer Pressure away from heel to mid-foot; Mobilize tendons and strengthen and elasticize related muscles.

Back Pain

Anti-Inflammatories, Exercises, Chiropractic treatment, Surgery.

* Keep the skeletal structure aligned, relieving tension and pain.

Back Pain

Calluses: Caused by pressure and/or friction.

Padding, Scrubbing or Filing away, Creams.

* Transfer pressure away, permanently.

Corns: Caused by pressure and rubbing, often on top of the toes.

Medicated Plasters, Padding, Removal.

* Transfer pressure away from metatarsal heads, allowing toes to relax and straighten.

Dropped Metatarsals: Forefoot bone structure not effectively supported by connective tissue.

Supportive arch supports (which support mid-foot bone structure only), Surgery.

* Support forefoot bone structure and stimulate and strengthen connective tissues.

Flat Feet: Weak muscles and tendons allow gradual collapse of bone structure.

Supportive arch supports, Exercises.

* Support and strengthen the foot.

Hammer Toes: Pressure on metatarsal heads, together with tight connective tissue, causes the toes to pull up.


* Transfer pressure away from metatarsal heads, allowing toes to relax and straighten; Stimulate and relax connective tissues.

Heel Pain: Plantar Fasciitis, Heel spurs.

Anti-Inflammatories, Exercises, Cushioning.

* Transfer pressure away from heel and relax connective tissues to prevent tearing.

Heel Pain Plantar Fasciitis

High Arches

Supportive arch supports, Exercises.

* Stimulate and relax connective tissues.

Hip Pain: Usually related to misalignment which starts in the feet.

Chiropractic and/or Physiotherapy treatments, Exercises, Surgery.

* Align and balance the feet, thereby aligning the posture (plumb line of the body) and relieving tension in joint areas.

Knee Pain: Usually related to misalignment which starts in the feet.

Physiotherapy, Exercises, Surgery.

* Align and balance the feet, thereby aligning the posture and relieving tension in joint areas.

Neck Pain: Stiffness or misalignment.

Anti-inflammatories, Exercises, Chiropractic and/or Physiotherapy Treatments.

* Align and balance the feet, thereby aligning the posture (plumbline) and relieving tension in all joint areas.

Pronation: Excessive inward rolling of the feet.

Supportive arch supports to support mid-foot bone structure, Anti-pronation shoes.

* Align and balance the feet; Stimulate and strengthen connective tissue to retain balanced alignment.

Pronation Supination

Shin Splints: Overuse of calf muscles in a misaligned, strained position.

Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Massage Treatments, arch supports, Exercises.

* Align and balance feet and posture, relieving tension and stimulating muscle action.

Shoulder Pain:Overuse, strain, tension.

Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Massage Treatments, Exercises.

* Align posture, relieving strain and tension throughout the skeletal structure.

Supination: Excessive Roll-out of the feet – often seen as desirable in sport, as the person is faster in a supinated position, but resulting in knee strain and damage.

Often not seen as a problem at all… the resulting knee problems may lead to surgery or replacement being necessary.

* Align and balance the feet, which will stabilize and correct posture and relieve strain on the knees and hips.

* All these corrections can be achieved by using a dynamic Foot Corrector, which:

Soft Step® Foot Corrector and it's features

Soft Step<sup alt=® arch supports" title="Soft Step® arch supports" width="360" height="180" style="margin: 0 20px 0 0;" />

  • Supports all three arches of the foot simultaneously and in ratio.
  • Aligns and balances the whole skeletal structure alleviating stress and tension in all joint areas.
  • Stimulates muscle action and blood circulation.
  • Relieves pressure on the bone structure of the foot.

By correcting and enhancing the way the feet and posture function, the cause of the problem is addressed and removed, rather than simply treating symptoms. Many of the treatments in the center column may be necessary as complementary or additional measures, but without the cause being treated and removed (last column), may not permanently solve the problem.

Distributed in South Africa since 2004, Soft Steps® have proved to be fantastic Foot Correctors. Thousands of happy wearers attest to incredible changes and relief for foot and posture problems, basic foot comfort, and even better sport performance.

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