Feet and Posture

Foot & Posture Alignment

This diagram shows poor posture in relation to poorly aligned feet and good posture in relation to well-balanced feet.

Flat feet are often the result of inherent low muscle tone or a weak muscle structure. The collapse of the arches may cause severe pronation (or inward roll) of the foot and this, in turn, leads to knock knees and misalignment of the hips. The body may make compensatory moves causing tension along the spine and in the neck and shoulders.

Very high arches and tight tendons often make the foot unstable, also leading to lateral movement and all the knock-on effects in knees, hips and back.

Our feet are our foundation and it needs to be balanced, stable and strong – yet supple too. Just as the foundation of a house affects its soundness, our feet form the basis of a good posture. Soft-Steps® provide the correct foundation.

Research, and the study of hundreds of feet in action, led to the conclusion that, by supporting all three arches of the foot (medial, lateral and transverse), in ratio, the centre of gravity could be determined and supported, so that body weight could be evenly spread through the foot and a neutral position maintained.

Posture Plumb Line

Orthotics & Sports

Orthotics & Golf

If this point of balance is incorrect or compromised in some way, the body will compensate and tension will build up in many areas. Soft-Steps® provide a perfect centre of gravity or balance point – the ‘sweet spot’, so vital in weight lifting and other balance control sports.

Tension causes pain or discomfort. Hard surfaces, shoes, and any form of rigid straight jacketing restrict the natural movement we would get from surfaces with ‘give’. Movement, as in exercise and massage, can relieve tension and therefore pain. Soft-Steps® provide the feet with a springy action, similar to walking on soft sand. This is good exercise for the many moving parts of the foot, but is gentle enough to be tolerated for many hours at a time, in perfect comfort – free, continual massage!

It happens right inside your shoe, irrespective of surfaces or outside influences. And it happens automatically with every step – you don’t have to do a thing… Just live your life – pain free, care free.



Happy Feet
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