Love Your Feet

Love Your Feet

Neglected Feet

Feet are often neglected, forgotten, ignored, abused and among the less loved of our body parts. Until they cry for help… And then we quickly realize how important they really are!! Feet are our foundation and like with all foundations, any weakness or instability can cause significant structural damage.

Foot Support

Feet are Important

Posture Side View

Our feet carry the whole weight of our bodies, so they need to be strong, fit and stable. What causes our feet to break down? – hard, smooth surfaces, inappropriate footwear and lack of mobility. Feet have 26 bones and many, many more moving parts, like muscle, tendons and ligaments. This tells us that feet were made to move! Feet were designed to walk on sand, grass, sticks and stones – uneven surfaces which would stimulate varied movement. Pounding the bone structure and restricting movement with static and ill-fitting shoes, will cause stagnation and deterioration of all the structures and tissues.

Foot relating to Posture

Hundreds of nerve endings under our feet pick up signals and relay them to the brain, thus providing a stable, reliable basis for weight bearing and posture. This is called proprioception. Like any other body part, feet need to be functioning optimally to be and remain effective in their very important role. Most people assume that if they exercise, their feet are automatically becoming fitter too. But on hard, unyielding surfaces foot mobility is restricted and the bone structure must carry more and more of the weight, while moving parts grow weaker. Cushioning and padding do not work muscles!! So having air or gel filled soles will not strengthen your feet in the right way!

Pampering feet with pedicures, creams and massages may make them beautiful, but won’t take the problems away. No, we need specific stretch and roll movements, which will stimulate, strengthen, realign and correct!

Soft Steps®… your new best friends

Soft Steps® do just that! Love your feet with Soft Steps® and once your feet stop hurting, support an upright, tension free posture, and can carry you wherever you wish to go, you will love them more than ever.



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