Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung

Or it is meant to have arrived…it depends where you look for it! Drought and cold and heat may have quite devastating effects on nature, but it always bounces back again and Spring greets us with a brave show in whatever conditions prevail.

Are you dragging your weary feet?

Are you perhaps feeling a bit battered and battle weary after the Winter? Magazines and adverts and health and beauty experts all want to tell us how to regenerate and beat the blues by means of diet and health therapies, and Exercise!!

But do you feel up to exercise? Or are you dragging your weary feet?

Comfortable, strong, happy feet will go a long way towards the way you feel about getting moving now that Spring is here. Pampering our feet will bring a good feeling. But will not make them fit for anything more active, more daring or more exciting!

If you need to start your Spring program with something new and really effective from the feet up – let me show you how…

Spring in your step

What is this?

No more sore, tired feet!

It is the means to rejuvenate weary feet… and not only for Spring, but for the rest of your life! No more sore, tired feet! No more excuses!

Get a pair of Soft Steps® and get ready to run, hop, skip and jump! Or would you rather walk? Dance? Climb? or Cycle? You will be able to pick and choose, once you are ready to go with a SPRING in your step!

Happy Spring Feet

Soft Steps® do an amazing job – within weeks you will be able to take off and do things you never dreamt possible. The flex, massage action all day long is exactly what feet crave. No shoe, or cushiony insole, or foot cream, or pedicure can give you what Soft Steps® can. We have thousands of people using them to make life on their feet comfortable and a pleasure.

The secret is in the flexi motion with every step you take. Enhanced movement brings stimulation and change – always for the better and you will love the new feeling of foot fitness, freedom and control in all your activities.

Try them – they can change your life for a wonderful Summer and for every year to come!



Love your feet

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