The Ideal Foot

The Ideal Foot


There is no such thing as a perfect foot. But there is certainly an ideal foot – ideal in shape, alignment and functionality.

All human bone structures are basically the same, but the form can become distorted when muscles and ligaments pull it out of shape.

What does an ideal foot look like?

This foot print represents a well-balanced and well aligned foot.

It has well-formed medial and lateral arches, all the toes are showing, it has reasonably straight, central alignment and an even weight spread throughout.

Darker areas would represent heavier pressure. Excessive pressure on any part of the bone structure may lead to a compensatory way of walking, either to relieve pain or walk away from it. An unbalanced gait may, in turn, lead to joint stress in ankles, knees or hips.

ideal neutral foot


Can an unbalanced foot be changed?

Yes! Just as bad footwear, hard surfaces, gravity or injury can cause breakdown in the structure, a well-balanced support, plus movement, or stimulation, can restore a shape and balance very close to the ideal.

Change means something different is produced. Nothing changes without movement!!


flexible orthotic

stimulate foot muscles

soft step foot correctors


What can provide the ideal shape and the all-important stimulation to change a bad foot, for the better?

Soft-Step® Foot Correctors support the shape of the foot in all three arches – medial, lateral and transverse – and the built in flexibility provides the perfect massage, stretch, roll action the foot needs to change.

Below are a few examples of the radical changes which can be achieved by using Soft-Step® Foot Correctors!


flat foot before after

high arch before after


A wet footprint on cement or paving will give you a very basic reflection of your foot’s shape.

Water color paint under your foot and transferred to a blank sheet by standing on it, will give a slightly clearer print.

Or you may wish to order a DIY kit from Step Forward SA, which will give you a very good idea of where you stand!



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