What your Footprint tells about your Health and Posture

Footprint on Health & Posture

Flat Foot vs High Arch

In some ways a footprint tells a very clear story … everyone knows the difference between a flat foot and a high arch.

But there are much more subtle messages too. Roughly the forefoot represents upper body, mid foot represents the knees and hips and the heel is related to lower back.

Foot Sections

Ideal Foot

A well balanced foot would look something like this… And a well balanced foot means a well balanced body.

Even weight distribution in the foot = improved posture.

Posture Alignment

Ideal Posture Side View

A good posture has a plumbline which runs through ear, shoulder, hip and knee.

Dark areas on the footprint indicate where more pressure is carried in the foot and this affects various aspects of comfort and/or foot health.

Heel pressure, combined with tight ligaments and muscles often results in fasciitis or tendonitis.

Rolling in the mid foot (pronation or supination) will often cause knee and hip problems as the alignment is disturbed. Collapse in one or more of the arches, will have much the same effect. Weak muscle structures result in tired, and even clumsy, feet.

Forefoot pressure can cause callousing under the ball, or pad, of the foot, while pressure on the metatarsal heads often causes toe problems – bunions, hammertoes, corns, etc.

Hard floors and improper footwear cause our feet to break down. By the same reasoning a flexible, well balanced apparatus/arch support will allow the foot to regain balance, form and posture.

Foot Problems

Foot Arches

Supporting one arch at a time unbalances the foot. All three arches must be supported simultaneously and in ratio, to achieve a perfect centre of gravity for the body. This also keeps the heel in a neutral position and stabilizes body balance, even during high level activities, such as sport.

Before and After Prints

Wearing Soft Step® foot correctors, consistently produces positive change in footprints and accordingly great relief for foot and posture problems.

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