Buy Now - Stages of the Order Process

This infographic is specific to South Africa - Contact us if you enquiring from outside of South Africa


2-3 working days

Do it yourself foot print kit delivery

Once payment has been received, parcel is dispatched.

Courier delivering parcel

Receive do-it-yourself foot print kit from Courier.


1 day

Using do it yourself foot print kit

Read do-it-yourself foot print kit Instruction Manual and do the prints.

Take photo of do it yourself foot print kit

Take a photo of the prints with a smartphone or alternatively scan or fax foot prints.

Email foot print to Step Forward SA

Email the photo of your prints to Step Forward SA


2-3 working days

Parcel with Soft Steps® is dispatched

Once measurements are complete the Soft Steps® are sent off with the Courier

Courier delivering Soft Steps®

Receive parcel from Courier

Thumbs up for great service and excellent Soft Steps®

Follow your 2-3 week break-in instructions included in the Owner's Manual to successfully get used to your Soft Steps®. Once your feet have strengthened you will be able wear the Soft Steps® daily for many years to come.


Tel : +27 (0)87 230 0383


The use of the Soft-Steps® are not intended to guarantee a cure or prevent any foot disease, health condition or any related ailments. The Seller is not liable for any incidental or consequential injuries or medical complications caused by using the goods. The Buyer hereby acknowledges responsibility for consulting a medical practitioner if necessary or at the recommendation of the Seller.