Plantar Neuroma

A nerve growth which often accompanies metatarsalgia - the nerve is pinched between the metatarsal heads and bruised. Symptoms: A burning numbness, or electric shock sensation in the ball of the foot, caused by tight shoes, repeated impact, or a dropped arch.

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Some people have a special sense which enables them to predict the future, or ‘feel’ impending disaster. The lines in your palm are supposed to mean various things. Your nails tell a story. Iridology is an acknowledged and factual diagnostic tool. Reflexology is a fairly controversial reflection of health and an effective therapy for many condition...
The words Foot Correctors make us think ‘Feet’, but Foot Correctors do so much more for the whole body!! Traditional, static orthotics, or arch supports, do just that – support the medial arch of the foot. What most people do not realize is that the foot has three arches, which all need support, simultaneously, in a particular ratio! Soft Step ® Fo...
In some ways a footprint tells a very clear story ... everyone knows the difference between a flat foot and a high arch. But there are much more subtle messages too. Roughly the forefoot represents upper body, mid foot represents the knees and hips and the heel is related to lower back. A well balanced foot would look something like this... And a w...
Anyone following our blogs may be wondering how come we can claim Soft Steps ® to be the answer to so many varied problems! So today we are going to describe exactly how Soft Steps ® work, and why they are so effective in treating just about any and every kind of foot ailment and also joint pain in any part of the skeletal structure. The most basic...
Plantar Fasciitis Cause A search on the web will turn up a host of information on plantar fasciitis, but there is a basic sameness throughout, because there are just two fundamental causes for the problem – Too much pressure on the heel bone, or calcaneus; and Tension, or tightness, in the plantar fascia, with a related tightness in the calf muscle...

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