It was with a small amount of reservation that I purchased the inner soles on the 15th September 2005. Would they work for me? I only had a week to get used to them before our trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Was I doing the right thing? I followed the instructions on how to get used to them in my shoes – it was a little uncomfortable at first as you said. By Wednesday the 21st I wore them for almost a whole day. My feet were quite tender so I gave them a break for the next two days. I would wear them again on Friday 23rd on our trip up to Johannesburg and the flight through to Kilimanjaro. Not being on my feet all day, they were fine. I didn’t wear them Saturday – as we were just having a quiet day at the hotel. Then Sunday it was time to set off on the first of 6 days hiking. Now was the test! We did a 6 hour hike through the rain forest up to our first camp. And I had no pain in my feet. I was now convinced that they were working. The next question was would I be able to wear them again the next day. I hadn’t really worn them 2 days in a row for any length of time. I did, and again they were fine. Now they were a permanent part of my hiking boots. What I’m really saying is that the inner-soles made my trip a success! We reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on Thursday morning with great jubilation. I would like to thank you for your time and congratulate you on a great product.
PIXIE - 2005

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The use of the Soft-Steps® are not intended to guarantee a cure or prevent any foot disease, health condition or any related ailments. The Seller is not liable for any incidental or consequential injuries or medical complications caused by using the goods. The Buyer hereby acknowledges responsibility for consulting a medical practitioner if necessary or at the recommendation of the Seller.

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