Just thought I would drop you a line to say that the orthotics I bought from you at the Getaway show in CT have really worked. I struggled for the first two weeks and felt like I was walking on potatoes and even had severe headaches which went down my back, but because they were so expensive I just had to make them work, and with your encouragement, took it more slowly. We did go to Italy and France after 2 weeks and I walked every day all day for 16 days, up and down 88 steps to our bedroom, and all was well, which is saying something as I had had such bad Plantar Fasciitis that I could hardly stand when I got out of bed in the morning. If I go a day without them my heels get sore and the tendons under my feet start to stiffen again, so I suppose it’s just a matter of keeping it going. Anyway thanks a million, as you know how your life comes to a halt when your feet give in and with these I’m fine!
JENNY - CT 2013

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The use of the Soft-Steps® are not intended to guarantee a cure or prevent any foot disease, health condition or any related ailments. The Seller is not liable for any incidental or consequential injuries or medical complications caused by using the goods. The Buyer hereby acknowledges responsibility for consulting a medical practitioner if necessary or at the recommendation of the Seller.

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