Break-In Instructions


The table below is a guide ONLY. Use common sense, listen to your body and adapt the program to your own needs. It may take YOU longer than the suggested times to become comfortable.

  • If anything does not feel right or there is persistent or worsening discomfort, contact us right away. Years of experience with this product means we can give you the best advice and support on any issue.
  • It took time for the foot to get into poor shape, so allow time for correction to take place. Be patient. Do not use the Soft-Steps® for sport or higher level activities until you are completely comfortable wearing them all day.
  • The Soft-Step® size may not match your shoe size – we fit your arch, not your foot length. Some people may even be supplied/require a different size for each foot.
  • Do the break-in using as comfortable and supportive a shoe as possible – preferably with adjustable fastening. Later on more varied shoe types will be comfortable as well.
  • Feet stretch as we age – do not wear shoes that are too small! Shoes need to be approximately 1.5cm longer than your feet. When buying new shoes, try them on with the Soft-Steps®, to ensure they fit comfortably, with enough room for proper circulation.

Day 1

AM 30min
PM 30min

Day 2

AM 45min
PM 45min

Day 3

AM 1hr
PM 1hr

Day 4

AM 1.5hr
PM 1.5hr

Day 5

AM 2hr
PM 2hr

Day 6

AM 3hr
PM 3hr

Day 7

AM 4hr
PM 4hr

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