Back Pain

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Many people experience tiredness and pain in the lower back, especially when standing for many hours or working in a bent over, or other strained position. It is often seen as a normal part of one’s work or growing older, but in fact, pain is the body’s way of telling us there is something wrong.

Causes of Back Pain

Bad Posture

Poor body posture is the main cause of backache – whether sitting, standing, bending or slouching. Poor posture is often an unconscious thing and so nothing is done about it. Trying to change posture can be a daunting task if the problem itself is not fully understood.

Misalignment of the feet is a major factor in bad posture. Because feet are the foundation of posture, or the plumb line of the body, foot correction is the place to start.

Over pronation causes the knees and legs to turn inwards and the pelvis tilts forward. This puts the spine alignment out and causes tension, discomfort and pain.

Other misaligned or unbalanced positions of the foot may likewise have a knock on effect through the skeletal structure, putting undue strain on knees, hips, back and neck.

Relief for Back Pain

Correcting body posture will relieve back pain. Good body posture begins with foot alignment. The sequence is as follows: If the foot is balanced and does not roll in or out, the knees and hips will be straight, the pelvis will be neutral and stable, and there will be a minimum of stress or tension on the spine.

To create a perfect center of gravity for the body, i.e. a true plumb line, the foot must be supported in all three arches, in the right ratios. Supporting only one arch puts the foot out of sync and will not achieve perfect balance. Therefore the padding or cushioning for the medial arch found in some shoes, may provide a feeling of comfort and support, but does not balance the foot.

Posture Alignment

Step Forward Soft-Step®

Exercises designed to strengthen the muscle structures supporting the lower back also bring relief of tension, but require time and effort, and possibly a cost, if supervised by a professional person.

Step Forward Soft Steps are specifically designed to support all three arches of the foot, in ratio, and therefore balance the body, correct misalignment of the foot and posture, and relieve tension throughout the skeletal structure.

An in depth study by an orthopedic foot specialist, many years ago, inspired the Soft Step Foot Corrector and it has never needed any adjustment or change, but continues to provide amazing relief for a wide range of foot and posture problems. Happy users testify to life changing correction and regeneration, enabling them to regain optimal use of limbs and body, and thereby, favorite activities.



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