Tired, Aching Legs

Women and the elderly suffer most from tired, aching legs, but men who stand long hours, especially in one position, may be affected too. Symptoms A dull ache behind the knee or in the calf muscles A burning, pulling feeling in leg muscles Painful weariness or restlessness in legs at night Causes A common cause …

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Foot Ailments and Problems

Foot ailments and problems Foot ailments and problems can be classified according to the part of the foot that is affected. Forefoot Problems Bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses, neuromas and burning toes are all problems of the forefoot and are often seen as the result of tight or ill-fitting footwear. But, although shoes may be a …

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Diabetes and the Feet

Improving blood circulation or blood flow is important in certain conditions – diabetes is one of them. About Diabetes The website gives comprehensive and useful information about diabetes. Here we condense some of the information in order to give an overview, while highlighting the importance of good blood circulation, exercise and foot care. The …

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