Foot Ailments and Problems

Foot Ailments & Problems

Foot ailments and problems

Foot ailments and problems can be classified according to the part of the foot that is affected.

Forefoot Problems

Bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses, neuromas and burning toes are all problems of the forefoot and are often seen as the result of tight or ill-fitting footwear. But, although shoes may be a contributing factor, as can genetics, injuries and many others, one of the biggest problems is the hard, unyielding surfaces we move on – from tiles, cement and paving, to tar, hard courts and athletic tracks.

Body weight compacts and presses down on the bone structure in the ball of the foot causing blood vessels and nerve endings alike to be compressed and stressed. In time the lack of mobility and strength in muscles and ligaments, may even allow the bone structure to become misaligned and this can affect the whole foot and body posture.

Forefoot section

Cushioning the ball of the foot does not shift the weight! Weight must be transferred to the arch, to be carried by muscles and ligaments, for there to be any relief for forefoot problems! Soft Step® foot correctors have a very pronounced forefoot support which helps to transfer weight very effectively and in addition, the flexibility of the Soft Steps® provides plenty of stimulation and exercise, thus enhancing the fitness and strength of the foot generally.

Midfoot section

Midfoot Problems

Midfoot problems include dropped metatarsals, flat foot, over pronation, supination, inflammation of the plantar fascia, etc. Once again, the right support Plus flexibility will carry weight more evenly and stimulate healthy, strong muscles and tendons. The key word is movement, as in a static environment, without movement, nothing happens! Soft Steps® provide a movement which no shoe, or static insole, is able to do.

Heel & Ankle Problems

Problems related to the heel and ankle include, Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, swollen ankles, over pronation of the ankle, and more. Transferring weight away from the heel to the midfoot is the very first step towards relief and healing. Cushioning is Not a permanent solution!


But Soft Steps® will effectively transfer the weight and provide amazing suppleness in the tight tendons. Blood circulation is also stimulated and improved by the pump action when using the correctors, and this helps to reduce all inflammatory conditions and swelling.

Heel & Ankle Section

Foot ailments and problems that can affect the whole foot are poor circulation – burning, numbness, swelling; diabetes, which often has much the same symptoms as above; and other more rare diseases, but these are the most common ones.

Soft Steps® offer relief in all of these foot ailments and problems, to whatever extent possible, relative to the condition and health of the person. Our success rate is 95%+ and the comfort and ease of use in many different types of footwear, make these a must for every foot sufferer.



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