Dropped Arches or Flat Feet

Dropped Arches or Flat Feet


  “I just wish to inform you that I am indeed happy with the step forward supports. My backache has ceased and my knees are less painful. I am so grateful to have these supports and grateful to my husband for having purchased them for me. Kind regards”  




What Are Dropped Arches?

A very detailed and accurate description of the causes, effects and possible relief for dropped or ‘fallen’ arches can be found on the website WebMD. Basically a dropped arch means the tendons and ligaments are not effectively supporting the bone structure of the foot. The foot may appear flat and the bone structure will have to carry more weight, or even become displaced. Whatever the cause – genetics, injury, disease, weakness or wear and tear – the most fundamental need and help is to strengthen the foot.

Flat Foot

Building a Better Foot

Foot Exercise

​Exercises and therapy may help but cannot offer a long term solution because hard surfaces and less than ideal conditions undo the benefits all the time, making it an endlessly recurring cost and effort. An apparatus that works while you walk is a once-off cost and a perpetual benefit. We are not talking about shoes!! Shoes do nothing to stimulate or build muscle strength – they can only cushion and support. A supported arch will never change or strengthen! It needs movement – stretch and resistance.

Walking barefoot on beach sand or a trampoline would eventually build stronger muscle structures in your foot, but if the foot is misaligned to begin with, a support system is also important to balance and rectify the deviation. So the apparatus must fit inside your shoe!

Never heard of anything that will do this?


Introducing Soft Steps®

​​A flexible arch support or foot corrector will do this. Have you ever seen a flexible arch support? It is a rare and unique device. It is not soft and spongy. It is not rigid and hard. It bounces… push down and bounce back. See the demonstration…


This device actually exists. It fits into most shoe types, including sandals and slip-ons. It is washable, odorless and durable – 10 years or more. The dynamic action promotes foot fitness and strength just as gym does for the body. Even better, Soft Steps® are an automatic, effortless, painless way to do this.

Your footprint is recorded and can be reassessed to monitor progress and prove the results! We guide you through break-in, provide free advice about wearing and maintenance, and personally address your concerns.

Why not see what they can do for you? Start by doing your footprint – order a d.i.y. kit right now.




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