Feet … Your Foundation

Feet your Foundation


 “Had other orthotics with build up. Wanted to operate hip, but so much better with Soft-Steps®.” 




Where is the Focus?

One of the shortcomings of modern medicine is that it has become too specialized. By concentrating knowledge and treatment on specifics, the whole is lost. Very seldom is the body treated holistically and thus the true cause of a disease or problem is often overlooked and only the symptoms receive attention. But often there is a deeper, underlying, and possibly hidden, cause.

It is like fixing the cracks in a house, when the problem is actually in the foundation!

Foundation Cracks

Most knee and hip replacements, back ops and neck treatments take no account of the foundation of the structure – the feet. A roll-out of just a few degrees in the foot places direct strain on the ankle, knee and hip joints. Years of misalignment will take a toll, but when knee strain is revealed by pain and weakness, the knee alone is treated. Correcting the foot roll-out at the outset, may have avoided the knee problem altogether!

The moral of the story is – check your feet (foundation) before the body (house) shows signs of cracking!

Treatable Deviations

There is such a thing as a well-balanced foot! It looks something like this…..

Well Balanced Foot Print


Flat Foot Print

High Arch Foot Print

Pressure Foot Print

These are not happy feet and will eventually have a negative knock-on effect in the skeletal structure.

If your foot looks like any of these, do something now! (See below how to do your own footprint.)

Although we can, to at least some degree, help severe deviations and problems, catching things early is a much better option and gives much better results. Don’t wait until problems become deep-seated and chronic. Respond to the slightest warning sign that your foot, or skeletal system, is not happy. You may save yourself a lot of money, pain and traumatic intervention.

What Works?

Soft Step Foot Correctors will correct the deviations mentioned above and balance your foot! Over time you will stand and walk more naturally and correctly, relieving tension throughout your body.

Foot Arches

For a true and correct center of gravity you need a three-point support. Supporting one or two of the three arches in the foot will not correct imbalances. The metatarsal or transverse arch of the foot is never sufficiently supported by shoes or rigid orthotics. Only a flexible corrector, with the right ratio of support in the transverse arch, will provide this unique and necessary balance point.

See our website for a full description and demonstration of how Soft Steps work and don’t delay any longer. Get your foundation sorted today!




Foot Foundation Puzzle

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