Treat Your Feet to a Permanent Holiday

Treat Your Feet to a Permanent Holiday

Temporary Relief for Feet

Who doesn’t love a foot massage??

I know someone who loves having his feet tickled and will get his grand kids to draw pictures on them with a ballpoint pen!!

A foot spa can provide so many minutes of total bliss!

Foot Massage

Comfy shoes (do they really exist?) will cushion you a bit from the harsh realities of concrete, tiles and tar… for a time!

Some of the above are free…as long as you have willing, compliant grand kids or a loving, patient spouse!!

But some of these very temporary remedies for sore, tired, weary feet are costly and must be repeated over and over again, as each new day brings new stress.

In an ever changing world of relentless grind, would it not be marvelous to have comfortable feet all day and every day, without effort!!

How You can Treat your Feet to a Permanent Holiday!

The answer is NOT in sitting with your feet up on a cushion from morning to night! No, we have to move, and for the vast majority, at least some of that means being on our feet.

Soft Steps®

Now there is an incredible little device that can revive, massage and exercise your feet all the time, right there inside your shoes. No more tired feet, no more backache – just a wonderful feeling of freedom, comfort and renewed energy.

The name? Soft Step® Foot Correctors by Step Forward. They have been designed to relieve the most stubborn problems, enhance foot fitness, stimulate blood circulation and muscle action, align the posture and much more. Top notch technology and materials, plus superior, dynamic design have produced a product without equal.

Slip a pair inside your shoes as soon as possible and change your life – permanently!



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