Stability for the Elderly

Stability and balance usually decline at least a little, as we grow older. Why? Muscle Deterioration Some of it may have to do with brain function deteriorating, but a lot of it is purely physical. The renewal rate of cells slows – this is the whole meaning of ‘ageing’. Muscles, ligaments and tendons lose both …

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Preventing Injury

How do we Prevent Injury? Some people seem to be injury prone – but usually there is an underlying cause. Poor balance, weak muscles, tight muscles, misalignment, etc. Various aids are used to reduce risks – ankle or knee guards, strapping, arch supports, special footwear, gum guards, goggles, head bands, helmets, visors and the like… …

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Advantages of Happy Feet

  “I am soooo excited and happy. The huge discomfort and tension I was feeling on my feet is gone. Yesterday I even made the mistake of walking without it because I no longer felt any discomfort or tension, but I paid the price because by evening I felt some pain. I am never gonna …

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