Preventing Injury

Preventing Injury

How do we Prevent Injury?

Some people seem to be injury prone – but usually there is an underlying cause. Poor balance, weak muscles, tight muscles, misalignment, etc.

Various aids are used to reduce risks – ankle or knee guards, strapping, arch supports, special footwear, gum guards, goggles, head bands, helmets, visors and the like…

There is, however, a difference between protection and prevention. The very first line of defense should always be prevention! You must be fit! Your body must cope, not crack!

Body exercises can build muscle fitness in arms, legs, abdomen, etc. What about the feet? On hard surfaces, bone structure is pounded, without the muscles being activated in the right way. Padding and cushioning do just that – they soften the impact.

Keeping Fit

Feet need to exercise!

Feet need structured, reflex movement for true foot fitness. Research by a dedicated foot specialist in the 1950s and 60s, revealed that a stretch/forward roll movement is best – similar to the action of walking on soft sand. The lateral movement must, however also be controlled, as excessive sideways rolling torques on knees and hips.

Foot Exercise

Foot fitness, balance and alignment will form a stable foundation for optimal function in the knees, hips and upper torso also.

How can we best achieve all of the above?

Soft Steps® provide the answer.

Supporting all three arches of the foot simultaneously and in the correct ratios, stimulating movement and proprioception with a stretch/roll action, and controlling sideways roll with support and counter-support, will keep the foot perfectly aligned, balanced and fit.

Risk of injury is far less for a fit foot and stable, balanced body. Twisting and wrenching of ankles, knees and hips will be greatly curtailed. Supple, strong ligaments don’t tear easily. Balance and control minimize falls… and improve performance to boot!

Soft Steps® & Sports

Do you want to get the most enjoyment out of your sporting activities? Do you want to reduce the fear and risk of injury? Do you want to improve your performance and confidence? Try Soft Steps®. You will be amazed at the results.

Even if you are not a sporty person, but seem prone to twisting your ankle or knee, suffer from instability and poor balance, persistently ‘put your back out’, or sometimes have a stiff neck, Soft Steps® can make a huge difference – providing stability and balance, realigning the skeletal structure and taking tension out of joint areas.

Do your body a favour – make Soft Steps® your new insurance against pain. See our website for more details.



Happy Feet

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