Stability for the Elderly

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Stability and balance usually decline at least a little, as we grow older. Why?

Muscle Deterioration

Elderly Bad Posture

Some of it may have to do with brain function deteriorating, but a lot of it is purely physical. The renewal rate of cells slows – this is the whole meaning of ‘ageing’. Muscles, ligaments and tendons lose both strength and flexibility. Many feel the need of some sort of exercise or gym program to help preserve a supple and mobile body – to stay fit, to keep everything moving!

What about the foundation supporting our bodies – our feet? We are not statues, so we don’t stand on a solid, lifeless pedestal. Our feet need movement just as much as everything else. We want to run, dance, skip and jump! And even when we can’t do those anymore, we still need to WALK!!

Wheelchairs are not great and even walking aids and sticks are very limiting.

Foot Fitness

I believe that, apart from serious, debilitating injury or illness, every elderly person should be able to walk to the end of their days, in comparative comfort!

Are you starting to doubt this?

DON’T! Help is just around the corner. And I don’t mean sweaty, grueling hours in a gym! No, fortunately feet can be kept fit more easily and with less effort than any other body part!!

It all comes down to what we are walking ON. Hard surfaces – and they are everywhere! – are very unkind to our feet and contribute greatly to the gradual breakdown of functionality. The shoes between your feet and the hard, unyielding surfaces are not much better… whether leather, rubber, cork, sponge, gel or air filled, any cushioning effect is soon worn away and the pressure of weight and bone remains.

Bounce into Old Age

What we need is something right underfoot that has ‘give’ and ‘bounce’ and ‘spring’ – stimulating the muscles to support bones and weight in exactly the right way, thereby aligning the center of gravity and alleviating tension in the posture.

Does this sound just right? It is! Anything static or rigid won’t do it. Anything restricting movement won’t do it.

The ideal foot template

Give your foot the perfect template, and the stimulation to conform to that, and you have the winning recipe. Fortunately someone has already worked it all out.

Soft Steps® inside your shoes provide the stability, balance, mobility and freedom of movement so sought after by the elderly. Time and again we have seen them straighten up almost immediately and walk away tall and proud. And delighted!!

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Orthotics Healthy Foot Template

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