A Special Gift

Special Gift

Special Days

Nationally we have special days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and so on. Gift giving days….

Families have special days – birthdays, anniversaries and special memory days. We celebrate by giving gifts.

And then there are days when we just want to make a special gesture… say thank you, or ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m sorry’.

Giving Gifts

Happy Thankful

Sometimes a small gift is quite adequate… sometimes a homemade or handmade gift has special meaning… But sometimes there is a special need which can be filled… Elderly people who are unsteady, in pain, or just not strong enough to move much or get out and about – how wonderful to give them the gift of a new freedom of movement! Perhaps someone is struggling with severe back pain, foot pain or poor posture – what a gift if you could relieve some of that pain permanently and help them to walk proud and tall again! Do you know and feel for someone whose activities have been curtailed by tired, weary feet or a lack of mobility – you could bring an exciting change by relieving those restrictions.

Can there be any more wonderful gift than better health…less pain…more comfort…?

A Special Gift

Soft Steps® can make these things a reality for someone special in your life!

Soft Steps® are a unique kind of inner sole or foot corrector, which provide a holistic, multi-purpose medium which can facilitate all of the above. (See our website.) Suitable for every age, every type of person and a host of different requirements, they make a very different, very acceptable and very effective gift.

Orthotic Gift

Although Soft Steps® are premade, they are fitted according to the size of the bone structure of the individual foot. Hence a foot print is necessary to determine size. There are various ways of procuring such a foot print, including a d.i.y kit which can be requested on line or arranged with the recipient.

If you wish to give such a gift, you can contact Step Forward’s admin office for a gift voucher in the name of the person to be sent to you, or directly to the recipient. The process should be concluded within a week and all responsibility for sizing, guidance and satisfaction will be carried by Step Forward.

This is one gift that is guaranteed to make you a hot favorite!



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