Be Foot Wise

Be Foot Wise


 ”  I bought my step forward insets about 8 years ago. I will never forget the immediate pain relief from plantar fasciitis. After using them every day for 12 months, I remained pain free and recovered from plantar fasciitis completely. I am ever grateful and recommend your product and compliment your service whenever I can.  ” 




Do You Really Know What Your Foot Needs?

More than 80% of the population has some form of foot or posture pain, or a foot or posture problem they may not even be aware of! Those who are aware that something is not right, usually assume it has something to do with shoes. Many people will simply try different brands and styles one after the other and spend a small fortune before realizing that footwear alone cannot solve the problem.

The next step is to seek professional help. Often the problem is correctly diagnosed, but there are few options… Medication for pain and inflammation, arch supports for weak, misaligned feet, and as a last resort – surgery. Very seldom is stimulation or exercise even mentioned – perhaps because most human beings are not good with sustained exercise and costly therapies.

So what DO our feet need?

They need to move!!

I can hear you saying, “but mine do move – I walk so many thousand steps a day; I jog 3 times a week; I go to gym every day; I do such and such a sport…..”

But in spite of all this, why do we still get people suffering big time with problem feet?

Foot Moving on Natural Surface

The Problem Misunderstood

Foot problems from hard surfaces

A hard, unyielding surface, like concrete or tile, does not allow the foot to move correctly! And no amount of gel or cushioning under the foot can promote the correct movement!

The foot needs to stretch forward when stepping down, grab (using all the moving parts in the right way), and arch back up when lifted from the ground. When there is no ‘give’, the function of the foot is restricted and becomes a sort of taut slap between the heel bone and forefoot bones – NOT right!

The most stimulating natural surface is beach sand, and most people will admit that their feet get tired when walking on the beach. Why?? Because the sand forces us to use all the muscles and moving parts and as the foot is unaccustomed to moving in that way, it becomes tired quickly. A truly fit foot would not become tired and would be functioning optimally.

The Solution

Soft Steps® in shoes like beach sand on feet

Soft Steps put the beach in your shoes and stimulate foot function in just the right way to achieve the maximum range of movement and foot fitness. And this happens without you having to do anything or make any effort apart from slipping them into your shoes. They give you bounce and spring and an action which will make just about every foot problem fade like mist in the sun.

Soft Steps give you fit feet! Fit feet will take you places! Be foot wise today!


Happy feet relaxing

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