Good Health … A New Dimension!

A New Year Wish


 ” Best Investment I ever made. Walk so much better and further with no more pain in my feet, back and hip.. Wish I had found out about them sooner. ” 




A New Year Wish

We often wish each other good health – one of the most precious gifts. All the money in the world cannot buy good health once you have lost it. So it is to be greatly desired, pursued and maintained at all costs.

What Constitutes Good Health?

Good Health

I suppose all of us would agree that being pain free is the most important aspect of health. But good health is more than that. Good health means we can move freely and participate in any kind of bodily activity we choose. It means our body can cope with all the stresses and demands of our lifestyle, job and leisure choices.

A healthy body is well nourished – the fuel is very important. There is huge interest and concern about diet these days, because mass produced and processed food often lacks essential nutrients. We are what we eat..!

And then there is mobility – fitness. Lack of movement leads to stagnation and deterioration (see previous blog). So a healthy body is also well exercised and supple.

Posture Line

The Neglected Bit

Sometimes even active, healthy people have a poor foundation – yes, the feet are the neglected bit. This is because the modern environment for feet is not ideal. On hard surfaces there is a lot of pounding of the bone structure and inadequate stimulation for the moving parts. Getting your feet sorted would be the cherry on the upside-down fitness cake. Well-balanced, fit feet will support a better posture line, relieve tension in the skeletal system and provide a softer, yet stronger, suspension for the body.

A New Dimension

Soft Step® Foot Correctors will give you the edge – in fitness, in sports performance, and in everyday foot comfort. Alignment is corrected too, taking strain and tension off knees, hips, back and shoulders. It could be that extra dimension you’ve been missing all along.

So do your body a favour for the new year and enjoy good health from top to toe. Do it now!

Soft Step® Foot Correctors



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