How we Relieve Foot Pain and Body Aches

How we Relieve Foot Pain and Body Aches


  ” I just wanted to let you know that I am loving the foot correctors. They feel amazing and I can already feel myself able to stand for long without having to have sore feet. ”  




Causes of Foot Pain and Body Aches

There are two main causes of Foot pain and Body aches – Stagnation and Breakdown. And the one leads to the other.

  • Stagnation is basically lack of movement. In nature, stagnant water is water where there is no movement and this allows all sorts of unpleasant and unhealthy things to breed and develop. Likewise in the body a lack of movement allows a buildup of unhealthy toxins and acids, which clog and slow our metabolism.
  • Gradually this buildup and clogging leads to functional breakdown of the parts/organs and an increase of pain and illness.


The Solution

A moderate amount of movement and stimulation is essential for good health. As modern life has become more mechanized and technologically advanced, body movement has reduced and this is why more and more people are feeling the need of some form of stimulation – either by way of exercise programs, sport or other activities.

But our feet can be stagnating even while we are exercising!!

How is this possible?

Hard Surfaces

Most activities take place on hard surfaces, like concrete floors and courts, hard packed tracks or paved roads and sidewalks. Sports shoes, trainers and boots provide cushioning, but no real stimulation for foot muscles or blood circulation.

This may be difficult to understand, but carrying body weight on the bone structure, on unyielding surfaces, weakens and/or tightens the fascia, tendons and muscle structures causing stagnation and gradual breakdown, which can lead to tearing, inflammation and pain.

If shoes cannot offer the right stimulation and dynamics for our feet, what can? We need something else between the shoes and our feet to provide a stretch, bounce, rebound action. Someone did figure this out many years ago and designed the perfect little apparatus for the job – a foot corrector! Or we may call it a foot stimulator… It is not just a cushion! The dynamics are very specific and give the foot back the kind of movement it should and would have on natural surfaces like grass, sand, sticks and stones.

Flexible Foot Corrector

This may sound fairly insignificant, but you have only to read some of the testimonials regarding the effect of this simple apparatus to know how happy it makes people who wear it every day. It changes lives, restores damage, stimulates movement, makes feet comfortable and strong and able for the activities which can restore and revive the body! A fit body does not succumb to breakdown and pain as easily as a sedentary one. Do something about your foot pain and body aches today – order your pair of Soft Steps® to get you on your way!

Happy Feet on Natural Flexible Grass Surface

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