It is Never Too late to Correct Foot Problems!

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Is it ever too late to Correct Foot Problems?

No, No, NO! It is never too late to make changes for the better. Even elderly people can start exercise programs which will enhance mobility, stability and suppleness. You may not get an 18-year old body, but you can knock years off your anatomic age and revert to a fitness that will surprise you!

What must I Do?

Foot Muscle Exercise

The most basic requirement is movement!! Movement is life – and the more you move, the better it gets! You can start with very small and gentle movements, but if you remain consistent and persevere, you will be able to do more every day.

You may be put off exercise and movement by having sore or uncomfortable feet… So feet need the first consideration.

Body fitness requires effort. Foot fitness requires hardly any.

The surface you move on is the key. Today just about all surfaces are hard and unyielding… concrete, tiles, paving, tar! Shoes are made of static materials like leather, plastic, and other synthetics. Gel and air may be incorporated to give a measure of cushioning, but provide no stimulation for muscles or blood circulation. Our feet are stagnating!

You need an apparatus that automatically works the muscles of your feet while you walk and go about your daily activities. Does it exist? It does!

Soft Steps®!! An almost magical transformer from pain, discomfort and stagnation to bounce, spring and happy feet! You will Love to Move and be able to Do things in total comfort again.

Walking surface

How Do Soft Steps® Do This?

3 arches Foot Corrector

Soft Steps® are the only dynamic foot correctors that flex and set up a stretch, massage, forward roll action under the feet. The material and unique design combine to provide an automatic exercise apparatus without parallel! Correctly supporting the bone structure with a 3-point, balanced shape is also part of the winning formula, but the movement is of paramount importance and facilitates unbelievable changes and a progression towards total foot fitness. The starting point for any other exercise program and a more active lifestyle!

Put spring in your step! Try it and see!!



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