Small, Life Changing Health Miracles

Happy Feet in Hammock

Incredible Stories

  • An enthusiastic Durban runner was forbidden to run any longer. He became so depressed as to border on suicidal… He began using Soft Step® Foot Correctors and got back on the road, a changed and happy man once more!
  • Foot pain was putting beloved Wild Coast hikes beyond her reach. Erica found Soft Steps® and was delighted to resume her hiking, pain free.
  • Tina was using a crutch to get around because of extreme foot pain. Soft Steps® enabled her to do a 15km Big Walk within 10 months.
    • A severe, crippling muscle disease made walking, and even breathing, difficult for a Gauteng man. Regular physiotherapy was all that kept him going, but at a young age he was facing an eventual wheel-chair existence. Soft Steps® loosened up foot muscles, and also relieved posture strain, opening the door to undreamed of activities and a new lease on life.
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis had caused foot deformities beyond surgical help. Soft Steps® slowly realigned the twisted foot and strengthened arch muscles enough to provide close to normal movement and stability.
    • After numerous foot operations for bunions and hammertoes, an elderly lady decided to live with her still awful feet, but was falling up to 9 times a year! Soft Steps® relaxed her toes, relieved her bunion pressure and gave her a stability which all but eliminated falling.
    • A Mpumalanga man resisted both surgery and foot correctors but suffered with severe back pain. Driven to try anything, he was so impressed with his Soft Steps®, he wanted to hoard a second pair just in case…!

    Life Changing Health Miracles

And this list could go on and on and on… See our website for more.

Thanks to Soft Steps®

It is no wonder that thousands of Soft Step® wearers prize their insoles above every other piece of health equipment. Surgeons, teachers, retail workers, sports people, old people, and children – all have experienced a life-changing miracle. You too can have a more active, pain-free, tension-free body – from your feet up! It is just a click away.



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