Holistic Approach to Foot and Posture Problems

Think outside the box

The Narrow View

  • Problems in the skeletal structure are often treated in a localized way – even knee and hip replacements are done with little or no consideration of the misaligned feet that possibly contributed to the problem initially, and must again carry the mended structure.
  • Similarly heel pain may be treated by placing a cushion under the heel, in the shoe. This may relieve the pain symptom, but will not relax the tight tendon, which caused the problem in the first place.
  • Treating a pronated foot by giving medial support only, may result in the foot being pushed over the midline into a supinated position, which is equally wrong.

The above examples show clearly that the body always has to be treated as a whole, and all the related factors must be taken into account and addressed simultaneously, in order to achieve a truly effective solution or cure.

Holistic Approach

The Holistic Approach

Body Holistic

Sometimes the reason for a problem is not immediately apparent. A dedicated and zealous health practitioner will consider every aspect of a problem, and sometimes need to think outside the box to uncover hidden causes. This is what a committed Orthopedic Foot Specialist did many years ago. He made an intensive study of foot soldiers, in order to create – holistically – a dynamic, corrective device to restore and promote normal, healthy function in feet and posture.

Feet and posture are inextricably related and Must be considered together, in every problem affecting one or the other!

Feet are the foundation of posture and therefore need to be the first consideration, even when the manifesting symptoms are in the knees, or any other part of the musculoskeletal structure. In many cases, correcting foot alignment and function will either significantly relieve, or even entirely remove the malfunction in other parts. We have proved this over and over again during 18 years of working with foot and posture problems.

Foot correction and balance is made possible by:

  • Supporting all three the arches, simultaneously and in ratio – perfect balance
  • Providing support and counter support laterally – preventing excessive rolling either way
  • Having a flexible, dynamic apparatus which promotes movement and elasticity – foot fitness

Well-aligned and balanced feet will in turn support an aligned and balanced posture line throughout the skeletal structure.

The Solution

Soft Steps® do all of the above, from the feet up, and will provide you with long-sought after relief for many diverse, difficult issues. Make your whole body happy! Check out our website.

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