Why Soft Steps® Relieve Most Foot and Posture Problems

Soft Steps® Relieve Most Foot and Posture Problems

Anyone following our blogs may be wondering how come we can claim Soft Steps® to be the answer to so many varied problems! So today we are going to describe exactly how Soft Steps® work, and why they are so effective in treating just about any and every kind of foot ailment and also joint pain in any part of the skeletal structure.

The most basic explanation is that Soft Steps® give you a good foundation, and just as a good foundation makes for a strong and stable house, a good foundation under your feet will realign and balance your whole body, from the feet up…!

Arch Support

Foot Arches

Orthotic Arches

Firstly, the human foot has three arches: Medial (inside of the mid foot); Lateral (outside of the mid foot); and Transverse (or Metatarsal, formed by the metatarsal bones and heads, at the front of the hollow part of the foot, just behind the ball or pad). See diagram. These three arches need to be supported simultaneously and in the correct ratios! Most inner soles or supportive shoes, support the medial arch only and perhaps a little on the outside, or lateral arch. Very few have any metatarsal support at all, because rigid or static material would cause a very hard and uncomfortable bump, which would make walking almost impossible. But Soft Steps® flex and give way when stepped on, so the metatarsal support is comfortable. It is also vital for true forefoot relief, lifting all weight and pressure off the ball by transferring it to the arch. This brings relief for bunions, callousing under the ball of the foot, hammer toes, or any other toe malformation or pressure.

Pressure in the forefoot relates to tension or stress in the upper body, and people with a lot of forefoot problems often experience neck and shoulder tension as well. Biomechanically Soft Steps® help you to walk taller and straighter, taking tension off the entire skeletal system.

The combination of support in all three arches creates a perfect centre of gravity for the body, and pressure is taken off the calcaneus, or heel bone, as well. This brings relief for all conditions resulting from heel pressure.


Secondly, the flexibility built into Soft Steps®, is their greatest benefit…the secret to a fit, normal, active and pain free foot and posture. When muscles and tendons are flexed and exercised, they become stronger, more supple and more able to cope with the strains and stresses of life. Hard, unyielding surfaces like tar, cement, tiles, paving, etc. pound our feet and cause the deterioration and breakdown, which lead to so many of our foot problems. Movement is Life! And a moving foot supports a moving body and opens a new world of activities and pleasures, which may, in the past, have seemed much too daunting for your poor, suffering feet.

The flexibility promotes a pump action under your foot – the very best thing for improved blood circulation – making this the diabetic’s dream, a boon to people who suffer from swollen ankles, and any kind of inflammatory condition, such as plantar fasciitis. Soft Steps® are foot gym! Automatic, gentle foot massage, stimulation and shock absorption all day long, right there in your shoes… and you don’t have to do a thing!



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