How Soft Step® Foot Correctors are Different from Inner Soles

How Soft Step® Foot Correctors are Different from Inner Soles

Soft Step® Foot Correctors are very different, and cannot be compared to ordinary innersoles.

Differences between Soft Steps® and other Inner Soles

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  1. Orthotic Arches

  2. Most inner soles support the medial arch only. Soft Steps® support all three arches of the foot simultaneously and in ratio! This is very important and affects the centre of gravity of the body, which in turn relates to balance and body posture. The result is relief of tension in knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders.
  3. Most inner soles are static or rigid. Soft Steps® are flexible and have a stretch, massage, roll action which stimulates muscles, tendons, blood circulation and nerve endings to facilitate a fit foot, in the same way that exercise promotes body fitness.
  4. Many inner soles are full foot length and fill the entire shoe. Soft Steps® are ¾ length, leaving the toes free and fitting easily into one’s normal shoe size, including sandals, slip on shoes and thongs (with straps between the first and second toes).
  5. Some inner soles are very soft and cushion like, providing very little support for bone structure. Soft Steps® are quite firm enough to support bone structure correctly and effectively, in the shape of a healthy, neutral, normal foot. The concept is that, because of the stimulation of the moving parts, the bad foot will gradually conform to the good shape and change for the better.
  6. Many inner soles are made to cup the foot at the sides. Soft Steps® are streamlined to function underneath the foot and can hardly be noticed, even in open shoes.
  7. Static, unmoving inner soles stagnate…there is no stimulation for moving parts. The aligning function of Soft Steps®, plus stimulation of muscles and tendons, brings relief for shins, ITB and other problems higher up in the limbs.
  8. Static inner soles are often not comfortable for sport and high level activities. Soft Steps® are comfortable and active, provide shock absorption, as well as balance and control, so they are a very real aid to better performance and endurance…running, hiking, golfing, tennis and a host of others.
  9. Most inner soles are made of materials which deteriorate with time and should be replaced annually or bi-annually depending on use. Soft Steps® do not lose their shape or flex, hardly wear at all and may be used for 10 years or more!

Other Characteristics of Soft Steps®

Soft Steps® are premade to fit normal, healthy feet of various sizes, but are fitted according to a measurement of bone structure, obtained by means of a foot print. Inner soles cannot be sold by shoe size, as two persons wearing the same size shoe, may have completely different arch lengths. The required foot print may be personally done by a Step Forward agent, or by means of a DIY kit couriered to the prospective client. See our website for details.

Step Forward provides client support at any time, but will do size changes free during the first year. The back up is excellent and very personally done.

Orthotic Arches

Soft Steps® have a high success rate compared to other inner soles…in excess of 95%! See our next blog for the detailed reasons why this is so. Go to the Step Forward website to read some of our many success stories and if you are a happy wearer, please send us your story to include there.

Step Forward has marketed the Soft Step® Foot Correctors in South Africa since 2004. Our data base includes, sports professionals, foot sloggers, children, elderly people, medical professionals, and ordinary people with sore, tired feet!

Soft Steps® are made from virgin material, are soft, comfortable, non-allergenic, odourless, washable and last 10 years or more! An excellent investment in every way!



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