Prevalent Foot Problems in Children


Reasons for Foot Problems in Children

We are seeing more and more children with foot problems, and at a younger and younger age!


Why is this?

Rapid Growth: A very common cause for achilles and calf muscle pain is rapid growth in the bone structure, placing stress or tension on the muscle structures to keep up. Exercises and massage do help to keep the muscles and tendons flexible and relieve tension, but it is not always possible to be consistent and ‘sufficient’ enough to make a difference.

Sports: Children involved in intensive sports programs often overuse and strain muscles and tendons which are not developed or strong enough to cope with the demands. Pounding of the bone structure on hard courts and surfaces, also plays a role.

General: But the main reason, as for adults, is that the feet, confined in static shoes and not being stimulated by natural, uneven surfaces, actually stagnate and don’t develop the mobility and tensile strength that is so necessary. Modern surfacing and the trend of wearing shoes most of the time from a fairly young age, is working against natural foot fitness.

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The right kind of action and movement in the foot must be stimulated from a young age. Walking on soft sea or river sand forces all the moving parts in the foot to work together for propulsion and stimulates proprioception. This kind of natural exercise is not always available or possible for all children. Genetically weak ankles will not respond well here, as the lateral movement may aggravate the condition. For ankle problems it is important that the heel be kept in a neutral position as far as possible.

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Soft Steps® stimulates massage action for feet

So a device that can be worn inside of shoes, but stimulates a stretch, massage type action under the foot, is the ideal. Such a device does exist. It has a supportive shape for the bone structure keeping the heel in neutral and preventing excessive lateral movement, yet flexes up and down providing the necessary stimulation to muscles, tendons, nerves and blood vessels.

Soft Steps encourage true foot fitness and strength which supports and promotes ankle alignment and strength as well.


The amazing response to this device brings about significant changes in foot shape and function. Sizes are available to fit children who are wearing the larger range of shoes, from 1 or 2 upwards, and usually from about 8 or 9 years of age.

Problems like Severs Disease, toe walking, painful calves and heels, achilles tension and any inflammatory conditions of the lower limbs can be significantly helped and even permanently banished.

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