Unexpected Benefits from Wearing Foot Correctors

Unexpected Benefits

The words Foot Correctors make us think ‘Feet’, but Foot Correctors do so much more for the whole body!!

Traditional, static orthotics, or arch supports, do just that – support the medial arch of the foot. What most people do not realize is that the foot has three arches, which all need support, simultaneously, in a particular ratio!

Soft Step® Foot Correctors do this and the result is quite different and much more dynamic, holistic and effective for foot function as well as posture correction and control throughout the body. The flexibility of Soft Steps® adds another dimension too – stimulating blood circulation, which affects a whole new range of needs, as in diabetes, for instance. Find your problem or condition below and see how Soft Steps® can change your life.

Foot Arches

Characteristics of Soft Steps® and the Relevant Effects


1) Relieving pressure on bone structure:
  • Freedom from calluses.
  • Pressure on bunions and bunionettes is relieved.
  • Toes relax into normal positions (hammer toes).
  • ‘Push off’ action is improved – important in running and other sports.
  • Risk of ulcers in diabetes is reduced.
  • Pinched or pressured nerves are freed/relieved – neuromas and early stages of neuropathy.
  • Relief from the pressure and pain of heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.
  • Reduced hardening and cracking of skin around the heel pad.

Body Alignment


2) Alignment:
  • Counteracts excessive pronation or supination.
  • Relieves shins and ITB.


3) Better circulation:
  • Vital for diabetes, lymphedema, etc.
  • Relieves symptoms in gout, arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Reduces all conditions of swelling and inflammation in the foot and ankle.
  • Injuries heal faster.


4) Flexibility in the fascia (together with less pressure on bone structure):
  • Effectively removes the cause of fasciitis.
  • Reduces the risk of foot injuries – twisting, sprains, etc.
  • Relieves tension in high arches – bone structure settles in a more normal position.
  • Permanently lifts a dropped arch to a more normal level (flat feet).
  • A relaxed fascia means a more relaxed Achilles tendon, as they hinge to the same pivotal bone structure.

Stimulating Fascia and Foot Muscles


5) A correct balance point in the foot:
  • Aligns the plumb line of the body, correcting poor posture and alleviating tension and pain in knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders.
  • Gives greater stability and balance in every activity – important for sports people and the elderly.


Soft Steps® are unique and unrivalled in quality, design, durability, application spectrum and results. The most effective relief for your problem is a mouse click away!



Foot and Posture Relief

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