Wearing Foot Correctors versus Surgery

Wearing Foot Correctors versus Surgery

Downside of surgery

Solutions, or even relief, for foot problems is often tricky because we need our feet all the time and therapy and medication usually amount to no more than temporary pain relief. The last resort, when sufferers are really desperate, is surgery.

Downside of surgery

The downside of surgery is:

  1. Pain, trauma and weeks (sometimes even months) out of action.
  2. Surgery is Expensive
  3. Surgery addresses only one problem, or type of problem, at a time.
  4. Surgery is always risky, with no guarantees and limited success.

Alternative - Foot Correctors

Alternative – Foot Correctors!

But there is a very effective alternative – Soft Step® Foot Correctors! Soft Steps® restore foot health in the most amazing way – by relieving pressure on the bone structure, redistributing weight evenly throughout the foot, strengthening muscles and ligaments, and improving blood circulation.

Keeping feet healthy and strong as a preventative measure is, of course, the very best thing to do. And Soft Steps® are the way to do it. Hard surfaces, our modern environment and suburban life, are not conducive to active, mobile, trouble free feet. Shoes do not, in fact, do anything for your feet, except keep them warm and dry. Cushiony support for the medial arch only, leaves the other two arches unsupported, and may even lead to misalignment of the foot. Padding and cushioning provide vertical movement only and do not stimulate muscles or blood circulation.

Fit Feet - No pain

But it is never too late to help your feet to a new lease on life. If you are already suffering with bunions, malformed toes, callouses, corns, warts, flat feet, pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, dropped metatarsals, dropped arches, weak ankles, postural misalignment affecting knees, hips or back, try Soft Steps® before opting for surgery…. You and your doctors may be very surprised!!

See our Step Forward website for more detailed explanations of how Soft Steps® help all the above conditions. Even if you may need surgery in years to come, many of our wearers have been able to delay surgery indefinitely by using Soft Steps® to restore normal, revitalizing action to their feet and realignment of posture to their bodies.

Try Soft Steps® first – you may save yourself a lot of pain, expense and trouble!



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