Automatic Foot Exercise

Automatic Foot Exercise


Most people today are aware of the importance of exercise! Because so many professions and jobs are not very physical, more and more people are joining gymnasiums and exercise or sports clubs in order to have fitter, healthier bodies.

Foot Muscles



But feet are sadly neglected on the exercise scene! Many feel their feet are well exercised while running, walking or cycling… but shoes and hard surfaces limit the way in which feet move. Even barefoot, walking on soft sand has a totally different effect to walking on cement. The muscles and ligaments in the arch need to stretch, grab, roll, release, in the way foot exercises are designed to do.

But who does foot exercises – consistently and continuously? It is one thing to spend half an hour daily on a tread mill…But to spend half an hour picking up marbles with your toes, is a different kettle of fish altogether! Even keen exercise enthusiasts may balk at that after a week or two.

Yet our feet desperately need, and do not get, the right kind of exercise.

Orthotic exercising foot

Automatic Foot Exercise

Don’t despair – there is a much easier way! Soft Step® Foot Correctors offer automatic foot exercise, all day long, right there in your shoes, while you go about your business.

Do you need to strengthen… your foot muscles… your fallen arches… your injured ligaments? Have you been advised to do stretches with your feet and ankles? Soft Steps® will help you with all of these. A supervised or structured exercise plan may still be necessary, but Soft Steps® make it so much easier! They continue the program all day long, instead of taking two steps forward and one back, after each session.

So do your feet, and yourself, a favour and invest in a pair of Soft Step® Foot Correctors today – then you can forget about feet and concentrate on other things. Even try new things you never dreamed possible. How about a 5 day hike through beautiful scenery? Or climbing Kilimanjaro with a group of friends? Did you once enjoy dancing? Or do you just want to get through your working days without your feet killing you?

Details on our website. Order on line. Or ask for a personal try-on session.



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