Foot Deformities

Foot Deformities

What is the one single thing that can have the greatest effect on deformed feet, whether by birth defect, disease or accident?


  • Scar tissue needs continual massage to loosen up.
  • Torn or damaged tendons need gentle stretch/massage exercise to heal and strengthen.
  • Surgically repaired bone structures need strong muscle structures to support and keep them active.
  • Feet pulled up and deformed as in club feet, cerebral palsy and other rarer conditions like Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease, need to be stimulated and stretched out in order to counteract the progressive tightening of muscles and other moving parts.
  • Conditions like ‘drop foot’, Severs Disease (children), and Achilles Tendonitis often require and respond well to physiotherapy and exercise programs.

Intense, prolonged therapy is expensive, tedious and time consuming.

Is there anything simpler, faster, cheaper and more effective in the long term?

Foot Massage



Soft Steps®

Soft Step® Foot Correctors are specifically designed to enhance the natural movement of every human foot. And because they flex and move and massage automatically, they can counteract stagnation and progressive deterioration most effectively!

Wearing them daily in your shoes is all you have to do! A once off cost (they last 10 years and more), odorless, washable and fitting into most shoes (even sandals and slip-ons) makes them the ideal apparatus for just about any foot problem, including deformities!

The design also provides incredible stability and balance, which is important to cerebral palsy victims and people with ‘drop foot’, where tendon damage causes inherent poor balance and function.

Below is the testimonial of a burn victim who is currently breaking in to Soft Steps® and experiencing a definite change…



   As a child I sustained 68% 3rd degree burns. My feet were badly burned. Comfortable shoes and having no pain in my feet has never been an option.

I am still very much in the beginning stages of wearing my Soft Steps®, as I can only manage 2 hours a day (my feet are more sensitive and more prone to blisters than normal skin). Some of the advantages I’ve noticed so far:

  • The Step Forward foot correctors force me to use muscles on my left foot that are under developed. I was not even aware of the fact that these muscles are so weak.
  • The Soft Steps® distribute my body weight evenly, taking a lot of pressure off the ball of my left foot, which is a major problem area.
  • I have a hereditary foot disorder called Charcot-Marie Tooth disease. My father and many of his relatives also suffer from it. It basically means that I have a very high arched foot causing claw toe, muscle dystrophy and knock-knees, to mention a few symptoms. The soles allow me to walk more naturally on the whole foot, displacing the weight evenly. My hope is that the soles will provide the movement, muscle strength and flexibility which the team of orthopedic surgeon, podiatrist, orthopedist, physical therapist and occupational therapist is struggling to provide.

I am sincerely grateful to have come across Step Forward Soft Steps® and look forward to some days with little to no pain or discomfort.   

Tania Meborg – Windhoek




Happy Feet

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