Foot Bliss – Step Softly

Foot Bliss – Step Softly


 ”   I am soooo excited and happy. The huge discomfort and tension I was feeling on my feet is gone. Yesterday I even made the mistake of walking without it because I no longer felt any discomfort or tension, but I paid the price because by evening I felt some pain. I am never gonna do without my Soft-Steps® again. It has helped me after about 3 weeks of using it.   ” 




When the Softest Shoes are not Soft anymore…


Have you ever felt that no matter what type of shoe you buy, nothing is comfortable anymore?

Are you looking for more and more cushioning in your shoes, but not finding relief?

Is ‘soft’ just not soft anymore?

Your feet are trying to send you a message!

Soft Shoe not Soft anymore

Our bodies are marvels of adaptation and endurance, but everything has a breaking point. If your feet are shouting at you, they have reached their limit and need help. There are many different avenues available in seeking foot comfort, but with decreasing levels of success. This is because cushioning and pampering your feet will not reverse the ravages of wear and tear.

After pounding the bone structure on hard surfaces for many years, with ever increasing stagnation of the moving parts (muscles, tendons and ligaments), we need to change the whole environment, not simply provide cushioning – be it foam, air or gel….

We need to restore natural ‘spring’!

Leg Muscles

If you can put the ‘spring’ back in your muscles, ligaments and tendons, they will lift the weight and pressure off your bone structure and carry the load without protest!

What can restore natural springiness and flexibility to our feet? Soft Steps®!

Soft Steps® help you to step softly – by stimulation and restoration, not by cushioning – and the result is pure foot bliss!

See the feedback and testimonials from our wearers on our website… This device is life-changing and will actually reverse some of the ravages of wear and tear, while giving you a foot that can once again cope with all the stresses and strains life puts upon it.

Gym gives you a fit body. Soft Steps® give you fit feet. Fit feet lead to renewed activity and real comfort.

Try them and see.


Foot Bliss – Step Softly

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