Cerebral Palsy, Club Foot, Scoliosis and More

Cerebral Palsy, Club Foot, Scoliosis and More


 ”   Best Investment I ever made. Walk so much better and further with no more pain in my feet, back and hip.. Wish I had found out about them sooner.   ” 




A New Avenue of Hope

Neck, Spine, Scoliosis

Over many years Step Forward has been able to make a difference in the lives of some who suffer from the conditions and deformities mentioned above. We cannot make these conditions disappear, but everyone who has a loved one suffering from something like this knows that every bit of relief counts!

Step Forward’s Soft Step® Foot Correctors help to realign and balance the feet, redistribute the weight more evenly, stimulate blood circulation, muscles and nerves, and straighten and relax the whole skeletal structure. These claims are often seen as over the top, but we have seen amazing results and again – even a little relief goes a long way!


An arch support which is made of static materials, does not flex, and supports only one arch of the foot, cannot have the same effect as a dynamic, flexible, 3-point support! Soft Step® Foot Correctors take the concept of foot correction one step further….they move!

Soft Step® Foot Corrector

Although the efficiency of the Soft Steps® is counteracted by the severity of the condition, more is achieved with continuous, massage-like action, together with balanced support, than can be imagined. The Soft Step® is unique in its design and function and although it is often belittled because of not being custom-made, hundreds of success stories exist and have proved the difference to be a vital one.

Supplying the problem foot with the template of a good foot of the same size, and stimulating and massaging the muscles and tendons consistently to both loosen and strengthen them, will bring about a gradual transformation for the better – to whatever extent is possible for the individual. This stimulation can be provided by therapy – to a point – but is costly, time-consuming and endless. With Soft Steps®, after a once-off cost, the stimulation is consistent, automatic and long term.

Soft Steps® muscles interact

Characteristics of Soft Steps®

  • Provided according to careful, precise measurement of the foot.
  • Designed to provide ‘in ratio’ support for all three arches of the foot.
  • Provides controlled, rebound action to stimulate blood circulation and moving parts.
  • Made from durable, odorless, non-porous material.
  • May correct hip rotation and skeletal misalignment and reduce tension in the joints.

Benefits for Specific Conditions

  • Cerebral Palsy – more stability and balance, improved muscle action.
  • Club Foot – encourages the foot to stretch out and loosen up.
  • Scoliosis – better alignment of the skeletal structure means relief of tension and pain.

You are welcome to ask questions about other conditions and how Soft Steps® may alleviate pain and discomfort. Contact us today.



relief of tension and pain

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