Can Soft Steps® Make Feet Lazy?

Lazy Feet


 ” I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Step Forward for helping me get back on my feet. Last year I was depressed because I was in extreme pain and couldn’t walk normally…I was using a crutch to help me move around. My son and daughter in law saw your stand at the House and Garden show and heard how the arches work. They took me next day to get fitted with a pair… It took me less than a week to get used to wearing the arches and it’s made such a positive change in my life. I’m so proud to say on Sunday, 26thMay, I did the 15 km East Coast Radio Big Walk. Thank you Step Forward for helping me live a normal life again. Keep up the good work and keep more people walking. ” 




Define Laziness

In the last analysis laziness is lack of movement! A lazy person lacks motivation. A lazy muscle lacks stimulation! Stagnation and laziness amount to the same thing.

Confining a broken limb in a cast or brace results in stagnation, or a kind of enforced laziness. Therapy and exercises are needed to restore full function to the weakened muscles.

Define Fitness

Dancing Fit Feet

Fitness requires effort – mental and physical – so first we need to understand that we must make the move. Effort requires purpose and will power.

  • Body fitness: Get off the couch and onto an apparatus, or the road, and move!
  • Muscle fitness: Move the muscle. Stimulate it. Train it. Exercise it.


Pain is often a useful – and legitimate – excuse. Is your movement restricted by pain? A lack of movement can lead to more and other kinds of pain. Movement restores life and health, but we need to reduce the initial pain and discomfort first.

I can't I can

Preparing the Way

When feet are comfortable and pain free, movement becomes easier and there is motivation to move more…

So start with your feet! Get foot muscles moving through stimulation, exercise and training. Soft Step® Foot Correctors will help you to do this – automatically and painlessly.

Soft Steps® will keep your feet more supple, mobile and fit than they have ever been!

A New World

With fit feet the door is open to a new world of activities and laziness flies out the window.

Soft Step® Orthotics

  • Soft Steps® can be worn all day every day in most kinds of shoes, even sandals and slip on styles.
  • Soft Steps® are washable and odor free.
  • Soft Steps® last 10 years and more.
  • Soft Steps® improve balance, stability and control.
  • Soft Steps® provide superior shock absorption in sport.
  • Soft Steps® prevent and relieve shins splints, ITB, plantar fasciitis, dropped arches and much more!

So open the door and start your journey of discovery and enjoyment today with a click….




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