Change Your Body – for Better or for Worse

I can change

What can Change your Body?

Apart from severe injury, as in a car crash, which could leave you with a mangled and very different body, bad footwear or bad postural habits, can change portions of your body for the worse. Similarly good habits and exercise may make changes for the better.

External forces may be outside of our control. But choice directly affects what is within our control.

Movement is involved in every change for the better. Nothing changes without movement! Therapies are built around massage, vibration, manipulation, or voluntary stretch and resistance training. Movement stimulates, conditions, and spurs change. So get moving!

Muscles Change


Change for the Worse

Deteriorating change is often due to lack of movement, lack of interest, or even procrastination. Getting some flab, but workouts don’t appeal? Planning to join a sports club, but too unfit? Want to start jogging, but feet too painful?

You have to want to make the effort!

You have to choose to make the effort!

You have to make the effort!

And then everything will change!!

Making Change

Change for the Better

Set your goal. Address the issues. Plan the budget. Fill in the form. Look for an answer to your problem. We cannot make you change. But we can make you more comfortable, more capable and more ready to move.

Soft Steps® will give you a new spring in your step. Comfort, stability, balance, alignment, control…in short – Pain Free Movement! Which will be your first step towards foot fitness… and from there to body fitness… and then the action dream becomes a reality!

The Foundation

Foot Fitness

A strong house has a strong foundation. Weakness in the foundation will, over time, undermine the stability of the house.

Your feet are your foundation – the most logical and fundamental place to start reconditioning your body. Only movement will bring suppleness and strength to the feet, just as it does to other body parts. Hard surfaces and static shoes inhibit the right foot movement. We need an apparatus… an apparatus which stimulates and promotes movement! Rigid appliances and the most expensive shoes do nothing to promote foot fitness.

Soft Steps® are the only truly flexible arch supports, warrantied against cracking, breaking or tearing.

Try a pair today and get moving! See our website for details.



Feet on Beach

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