Foot Fitness – The Missing Link

Foot Fitness on Sea Sand

Why is Foot fitness the missing link? Fitness in any limb, or part of the body, can only be achieved by exercising the moving parts, i.e. muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therefore movement builds fitness!

Human feet all have 26 bones, but many more moving parts. So, as in any area, the right exercise, stimulation and movement will produce a foot that is strong, supple and better able to cope with strain, shock and the stresses of life, such as standing long hours, wearing high heels, walking barefoot, etc.

Weakness in the moving parts may lead to flat feet, dropped arches, over pronation, over supination and even distortion of the bone structure. Abuse of our feet can lead to wear and tear, and eventual breakdown, in many varied forms. Genetics, gravity, hard surfaces and poor footwear all play a part in foot breakdown.

How do we counteract bad influences and provide good ones?

Foot enjoying being on grass

Unfortunately, participating in sport, or working out in a gym, does not provide the right kind of exercise for foot fitness! This is because we are still on hard, smooth surfaces; pounding the bone structure; and without the right stretch, roll movement the foot requires. Natural, uneven surfaces, like sand and grass, do a better job…but these are not the surfaces we move on 12 to 18 hours a day.

Foot enjoying being on sand

There are many exercises designed especially for the foot – (see our Owner’s Manual) or consult a biokineticist at a reputable gym. The best foot exercises which I have come across, are to be found on the DVD – Feet for Living Feet for Life, by Jennifer Paynter – see also ; ;

But, exercise requires effort, precious time, and consistent, dedicated repetition, almost indefinitely! This is not ideal, or often not even possible, for busy people! Nor is exercise alone, completely effective for severe, inherent problems. The most obvious problem is that the good effects of exercise are not long lasting, nor permanent, and tend to decrease, or return to square 1, when overwhelmed by the bad influences, to which we are subjected for hours on end. Another problem is that we have no control over some of the baddies, like hard surfaces.

But don’t despair – there is a much easier way! Automatic, continuous, effective foot exercise without the slightest effort from you!!

Foot exercise on corrective orthotic
Soft-Step® Orthotic Side View

Soft-Steps® provide just the right stretch, bounce, massage, roll action right there in your shoes, under your feet, all day long!

For 48 years, people worldwide, from all walks of life, have discovered the benefits of a better surface to stand, walk, run, dance and jump on. Yes, Soft-Steps® have been around for 48 years – unchanged, because they are already perfect! See &

In South Africa, over 18 years, we have amassed a data base of 14,000+ happy wearers. See our success stories.

Contact us today, to leave your poor, aching, unhappy feet behind as you treat them to a permanent holiday! Fit feet will take you places you’ve never been before. Fit feet will improve your sporting performance. Fit feet will give you back your dreams. Fit feet are happy feet!



Climbing, Sporting and above the clouds with Soft-Steps®
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