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Sports Orthotics

The first thing to ask is – ‘What do I want Sport inner soles or Sports Orthotics to do for me?’

Probably the most important thing generally is shock absorption. Many sports shoes are designed specifically with this in mind and all kinds of gel, air and fancy technology are used to provide more and more effective cushioning. This is fine, but any movement provided by a shoe sole is vertical only – that is, it bounces the foot up and down.

Shoe Limited Cushioning

Sports Orthotics

A much more effective movement would be if the inner sole, or orthotic, itself, could provide a bounce and stretch movement, inside of, and independently of, the shoe. The foot would then be exercised and supported all in one, regardless of the shoe. Soft Steps® provide just such an action, inside your shoe.

In some sports, endurance is important – as in marathons and super marathons. Hours and hours of pounding on relatively hard surfaces takes an awful toll on the bone structure, so strong muscles and ligaments, as well as good blood circulation and a balanced, well aligned gait pattern, are very important too.

Soft Steps® align the foot and prevent excessive rolling, or over pronation and supination, of the foot. The pump action also provides stimulation for the venous return, which means good blood circulation and general foot health.

Ice skating, golf, weight lifting, tennis, and many other sports require good balance and control. Stability is key and inner soles or sports orthotics need to provide this, by supporting all three arches of the foot simultaneously and in the correct ratios! Inner soles that support the medial arch only, cannot provide perfect balance in all the arches.

Soft Steps® provide perfect balance and control, by supporting all 3 the arches and placing the centre of gravity of the body where it should be.

Centre of Gravity

Orthotics and Tennis

Orthotics and Cycling

Eighteen years of good, satisfied feedback from our Comrades runners, Golf professionals, cyclists and many others gives us total confidence in the supportive and corrective action of Soft Steps® for high level activities. In short your inner soles or sports orthotics must not only provide cushioning, comfort and shock absorption, but a higher level of performance for you!

You can reach those dreamed of heights of fitness and achievement!!



Orthotics and Running
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