Your Future in Your Footprint

Your Future in your Footprint

Some people have a special sense which enables them to predict the future, or ‘feel’ impending disaster.

The lines in your palm are supposed to mean various things. Your nails tell a story.

Iridology is an acknowledged and factual diagnostic tool.

Reflexology is a fairly controversial reflection of health and an effective therapy for many conditions.

But your footprints tell a definite and interesting story too!

Eighteen years of studying and interpreting footprints has revealed some fascinating and consistent facts…

Footprint and your Body

Footprint & Related Posture Misalignment

  • Excessive forefoot pressure relates to tension in neck and shoulders
  • Excessive heel pressure relates to backache
  • Excessive sideways rolling of the foot causes misalignment and subsequent knee and hip pain
  • Anything unnatural about the toes is usually caused by pressure in the ball of the foot and/or tension in the plantar fascia
  • Abnormally high arches tend to allow too much lateral movement – hard on the ankles and knees.
  • Flat feet indicate weak muscle function, which means instability, tiredness and misalignment in the skeletal structure.

Ideal Foot Print

Some of the above may be genetic characteristics, but none are ideal or comfortable. Bad situations can deteriorate with the passing years and most people with any of these problems would be glad of some relief or correction. Static/passive shoes or insoles will support and provide a measure of comfort, but without movement, no real change is possible. A well-balanced, flexible and dynamic foot corrector is the only thing that can provide the essential, controlled, consistent stimulation to promote lasting and effective improvement.

Soft Steps®

Soft Step® Foot Correctors do all of these things automatically, while you wear them!!

Wear them in your shoes, sandals or slip-ons every day for the most amazing, life-changing comfort you have ever experienced! And not just comfort but real change!

If you are not sure how much your feet are affecting your body or the problems you are experiencing, do a footprint and we will help you to ‘read’ it. Click below to buy a do-it-yourself footprint kit. It may be the very first step to changing your life forever…



Happy Feet

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