Years and Years of Proven Results in Foot Comfort

Eighteen Years of Proven Results in Foot Comfort


 ”   I was very skeptical at first as I’ve tried many products and absolutely nothing worked to ease my discomfort. I suffered from plantar fasciitis and was in a lot of pain. There were days I could hardly walk at all. This product literally solved all my problems within days of me starting to wear it! This was more than 10 years ago and I wear mine every single day. I can really recommend these to everyone!   ” 




A Genuine Product

Soft Steps® are not custom made for individuals, but rather provide a standard, neutral shape for the problem foot to conform to. As such, Soft Steps® are often classed with over- the- counter, pre-made arch supports, which are usually sold by shoe size. But Soft Steps® are in a class of their own and because of their flexibility, stimulate a greater mobility in the feet as well.

Soft Step® Foot Corrector


Soft Step® Quality Product

Soft Steps® were designed by an orthopedic foot specialist, after years of intense foot study to determine what the human foot needs in terms of support and stimulation. This well-designed template superbly fits the bill by providing a universal exercise apparatus for your feet. Soft Steps® are sold according to the specific, measured size of the bone structure of your foot – not by shoe size, as two people wearing the same size shoes may have different arch lengths.

This is not a gimmick! In eighteen years we have built up a considerable library of records, both foot prints and testimonials, to prove the efficiency and popularity of this product. See our website.


As with any product in the market place, there is a small percentage of negative feedback, usually related to simple, easily remedied problems. These may be:

  • Size related, in which case Step Forward will recheck the size and replace, free of charge, within the first year;
  • Wrong positioning – free advice and help is available;
  • Not following the break-in instructions carefully or doing too much to quickly may cause discomfort or delay total comfort.

Step Forward consultants will be able to help with any of these situations and we readily invite people to contact us with their concerns.

Soft Steps® work best when they are worn daily and the wearer is reasonably mobile – they will not do much for someone who sits most of the time, or does not walk at all. They may, however, provide balance and stability for elderly and handicapped people, making it possible for them to walk more and better.

Progress, and the speed of the progress, is relative to the activities, body responses and general health of the individual wearer. Soft Steps® are meant to promote fitter, healthier feet and a more relaxed, tension-free skeletal structure or posture. They provide excellent shock absorption and stimulate blood circulation and muscle action. This has considerable benefits for anyone committed to good health principles.

Prove them for yourself!

Happy Feet and Posture



Happy Relaxed Feet

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