Tired, Aching Legs

Women and the elderly suffer most from tired, aching legs, but men who stand long hours, especially in one position, may be affected too. Symptoms A dull ache behind the knee or in the calf muscles A burning, pulling feeling in leg muscles Painful weariness or restlessness in legs at night Causes A common cause …

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Stability for the Elderly

Stability and balance usually decline at least a little, as we grow older. Why? Muscle Deterioration Some of it may have to do with brain function deteriorating, but a lot of it is purely physical. The renewal rate of cells slows – this is the whole meaning of ‘ageing’. Muscles, ligaments and tendons lose both …

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Heel Pain

Heel Pain Heel pain can be due to Achilles Tendonitis, Sever’s Disease (children) and other conditions, but the most common one is Plantar Fasciitis, which may include a heel spur. Fasciitis is becoming more and more prevalent, partially because of hard surfaces and the trend towards very thin, flat shoe soles. Bone structure is pounded …

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Foot Deformities

What is the one single thing that can have the greatest effect on deformed feet, whether by birth defect, disease or accident? Movement!! Scar tissue needs continual massage to loosen up. Torn or damaged tendons need gentle stretch/massage exercise to heal and strengthen. Surgically repaired bone structures need strong muscle structures to support and keep …

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Foot Ailments and Problems

Foot ailments and problems Foot ailments and problems can be classified according to the part of the foot that is affected. Forefoot Problems Bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses, neuromas and burning toes are all problems of the forefoot and are often seen as the result of tight or ill-fitting footwear. But, although shoes may be a …

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