The Story of Step Forward South Africa

The Story of Step Forward South Africa

Distributors of the popular Soft Step® Foot Correctors

Soft Steps® have been marketed by the Step Forward Co, USA since 1974. In 2004 overseas markets were considered for the first time. A Canadian representative came to South Africa on holiday and introduced the product at the Royal show in Pietermaritzburg.

At the time I was exhibiting water filters at the same show and landed up right next door to the Step Forward stand. I had just started experiencing quite severe foot pain and stress and was intrigued by the promise of potential relief through wearing Soft Steps®. I was also being treated for recurring neck pain and my husband for nagging backache.

Imagine our delight when all our problems disappeared within a few months! We could scarcely believe it, but were so convinced, that we decided to bring the product to this country and so Step Forward South Africa came into being. In August of 2004 we began marketing Soft Steps® at shows and exhibitions and as the many health benefits became more and more apparent, a number of health professionals became interested as well.

Foot Bliss

We discovered, through the many success stories and positive feedback from Soft Step® wearers, that the scope of benefits was greater than we had ever dreamed possible. People of all ages, from 9 to 90, benefitted. People from all walks of life found themselves freed of foot and posture pain in knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders. Foot sloggers no longer had tired, weary feet and could stand many hours without discomfort. Sports people discovered that they not only had less pain and problems, but better stability, balance and control, which meant improved performance too. Elderly people walked as they hadn’t walked for years – more upright, with better balance, and far less discomfort. Children with misalignments and deformities were helped to make better and faster progress during rehabilitation.

Soft Step® Orthotic

The list of maladies and problems helped by wearing Soft Steps® is endless, and includes flat feet, high arches, dropped metatarsals, bunions, hammertoes, callouses, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, poor circulation, swollen feet and ankles, diabetes, shins, ITB, Severs disease, Compartment Syndrome, and many more. The success rate is 95% plus and there is hardly a single person who can say they have not benefitted at all. In fact, we invite people who are not happy to contact us and our promise is that we will work with them to achieve total comfort and satisfaction.

Foot Problems

Over the years, we have been amazed again and again by the incredible changes in people’s lives and health, when wearing Soft Steps®. I never go a day without having them in my shoes. They provide effortless, comfortable foot exercise and stimulation all day long… I call it ‘automatic foot gym’.

Soft Steps® are easy to wear, fit in most shoes, do not pick up odours, are washable, non-allergenic, and can last for 10 years or more. Best of all, they are flexible and therefore provide a specific, comfortable movement, which no static arch support, nor shoe can do. Soft Steps® are unique. No copy has ever perfectly captured the balance point created by the three-arch support system.

The medical world remains mainly skeptical, but our confidence is based on positive, real life feedback from over 15,000 happy wearers – see some of the success stories in next week’s blog.

This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done and it daily gives me an unsurpassable satisfaction!



Soft Step® Orthotic

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