How to Improve Your Golf

How to Improve Your Golf

What It Is About

There are many technical aspects to the improvement of golfing ability, but today we want to reveal and talk about a different approach, which can improve, not only ability, but comfort and pleasure as well.

Golfer Swing

In Golf one immediately thinks ‘swing’… but what is the foundation of a good, balanced swing?

Stance, Stability, Control… All these can be enhanced by having a perfect center of gravity for the body. Having your weight centered exactly right, will mean better balance; and better balance means better stability and control. If you have better control over how you manipulate your clubs and hence the direction and speed of the ball, you will become more accurate and this will lead to a better handicap.

It all starts with your feet (the foundation)… not only how you place them, but how they work to influence your body movements. The key word is ‘work’. Mostly our feet are not working very well at all!

Foot Bones

Feet have 26 bones, but many more moving parts and these are usually not functioning optimally. Why? Because feet were designed to move – over grass, sand, stones and uneven surfaces. Modern life has provided static shoes and hard, smooth surfaces – not stimulating or dynamic for the foot at all. So our feet slowly stagnate for want of the right stretch, roll movement while walking, running or jumping. The bone structure takes a pounding and more and more body weight is carried by the bones, instead of being braced and supported by the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Let us call these the ‘web’, holding the bone structure together.

Specific foot exercises are available to strengthen the weakened ‘web’, but who wants to spend time doing foot exercises when you could rather be out on the green! There is, however, a way of getting the right kind of exercise and stimulation, while you play. Shoes cannot provide it. Shoes are static structures, apart from a little cushioning, and provide none of the action actually required by your foot.

Soft Step® Foot Correctors

Unique New Method

Put a pair of Soft Step® Foot Correctors inside your shoes and you will begin to experience dynamic stimulation, better balance and stability, a straighter aim and a stronger swing. Professional golfers have attested to this! See testimonial below. See our website for details of how the Soft Step® works to achieve this.

Another Bonus

Walking on Beach

Soft Steps® not only improve your game, they give you total walking comfort for 18 holes and more! Flexible, springy and comfortable, they take all the pain and weariness away and make walking an absolute pleasure. Back ache, shoulder stress and knee pain may disappear too. You will be delighted with the amazing changes in your body – in short a whole new world of sporting activities and pain free movement will become available to you.

Testimonial of a Professional Golfer


“Gaan dol hierdie kant met die golf. Op die oomblik in Zambia. Ek geniet my ‘innersoles’ soo baie – regtig ‘n bate vir my golf. Nogmaals dankie.”


Hectic here with the golf. Presently in Zambia. I enjoy my innersoles soo much – truly an asset to my golf. Thanks again.



Golfer Swing

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