Soft-Step® Provides Unique Alternative Pain Relief for Foot Problems


​Why do 87% of the population have foot problems?

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The uneven distribution of weight – misalignment – and the pressure of hard surfaces, cause many of our foot problems.

Pressure from hard surfaces pounds the bone structure of the feet – there is no ‘give’ or spring. Our feet need shock absorption, just as a vehicle does, to provide a softer, sweeter ride – or stride!

Tight footwear, high heels, gravity and the wear and tear of age, break down natural resilience and balance.

Heel pressure aggravates plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.


Misalignment of the foot occurs when there is lateral movement, or rolling, away from the ideal neutral position which provides stability and balance.

Weakness in the mid foot arches often relates to flat feet and the knock-on misalignment of knees and hips.

Lack of flexibility in the foot, together with weak, or over tight, muscle structures, means more and more weight presses down on the bone structure, compressing blood vessels and nerve endings.

Poor blood circulation aggravates inflammatory conditions and diabetes.


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​What can we do to counteract the breakdown of our feet?

Lift pressure away from the forefoot:

  • Relief for calluses and bunions.
  • Relief for hammer toes.
  • Improved ‘push off’ action in activities and sports.
  • Reduced risk of ulcers under bone areas for diabetics.
  • Relief for neuromas and early neuropathy, as pressured nerves are freed and stimulated.

Lift pressure off the calcaneus:

  • Relief for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.
  • Less hardening and cracking of skin around the heel pad.

Align the foot:

  • Pronation and supination counteracted.
  • Support and relief for a dropped navicular bone.
  • Relief for shins and ITB.

Improve Circulation:

  • Benefits for diabetes and lymphedema.
  • Relief for inflammation and swelling, faster rehabilitation.

Provide flexibility in the plantar fascia:

  • Relief for fasciitis.
  • Reduced risk of foot and ankle injuries.
  • Relief for tension in high arches – a more normal position and more stability.
  • Support for dropped arches and flat feet.
  • Relief for Achilles tension.

Correct the centre of gravity in the foot:

  • A straight plumb line and better posture, relieving tension in knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders.
  • Improved stability and balance in every activity – important for sports people and the elderly.

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How do Soft-Steps® provide all of the above?

By design, all three arches of the foot are supported simultaneously and in the correct ratios – medial, lateral and metatarsal. This creates a perfect centre of gravity for the body and means a more upright, correct and relaxed posture, which, in turn, relieves tension in knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders.

Orthotic Arches


Jumping Dune

There is more metatarsal support in Soft-Steps® than in any static inner sole, because the flexibility of the material allows the metatarsal bump, or bubble, to give way when stepped on, thus creating a springy, comfortable action, to which the foot can easily adapt. Stretch, massage, roll is what you need to counteract hard surfaces.

This not only provides better shock absorption than any static material, but has a pump action whereby the venous return is stimulated with every step, resulting in better blood circulation.

Movement is life! Motion is lotion! A fit foot copes much better with the pressures of life, freeing you to enjoy sport and activities you may not have dreamed possible. Movement is the secret of this product, making it the ultimate gym apparatus for your foot!



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