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Step Forward South Africa has a 95%+ success rate, or in other words, 95 and more out of a hundred users are happy and wear Soft Steps® with confidence, comfort and great enjoyment. This is an unusually high index in a world where many products do not live up to the advertised attributes and quality.

What makes our customers so happy?



Soft Steps® are made of virgin material, produced to stringent standards of quality and principle, according to a unique formula. The material is flexible, washable, odourless, and non-allergenic. Soft Steps® have an exceptionally long lifespan – will not crack, break or tear – and show very little wear or change even after 10 years or more of normal, continuous use. This makes them super economical – the price paid is genuinely an investment in health and comfort.


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Soft Steps® exceed expectations in the great majority of cases. Because of the unique design and effect of the flexible, dynamic, 3-point support system, unusually high levels of change, improvement and positive results are achieved. Most people are extremely comfortable within 2 to 4 weeks of wearing the foot correctors and follow up prints done after a suitable length of time, always confirm positive changes.


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An exceptionally wide range of foot and posture problems are addressed and significantly changed by wearing Soft Steps®. The principle is that a perfect center of gravity will balance and align the body; stimulated muscle structures will function better; and improved blood circulation helps many different conditions. See our website and previous blogs for the full story of what Soft Steps® can do for you.


Step Forward Service

This may be last, but definitely not the least, of what makes our customers happy. Many have expressed absolute amazement at the care and attention they receive during the fitting process and also while using the product. Our invitation is to call and speak to us about any problem or concern you may have. You will then receive personal attention, advice and if necessary, a follow up visit, to address any issues you may have. Within the first year after purchase, Step Forward will change sizes free of charge and there are never any costs over and above the initial price of the product – couriers, consultations with Step Forward representatives, and administrative costs incurred are all included.

Step Forward South Africa has been operating for 18 years and has many Soft Step® wearers from varied walks of life, including sports people, professionals, foot sloggers, children and elderly people. All benefit in different ways, but agree that it is the best thing they have ever done for their bodies. So join the happy throng and treat your feet to a permanent holiday!



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