How to Improve Your Golf

What It Is About There are many technical aspects to the improvement of golfing ability, but today we want to reveal and talk about a different approach, which can improve, not only ability, but comfort and pleasure as well. In Golf one immediately thinks ‘swing’… but what is the foundation of a good, balanced swing? …

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Foot Problems in Children

Why are Foot Problems on the Increase? There are some foot problems that are related to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes (numbness, burning and pain associated with poor circulation); Arthritis (pain and inflammation in the joints) and so on. But many are related to lifestyle conditions and even lifestyle choices! Or a combination of both… Modern …

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Foot Fitness – The Missing Link

Why is Foot fitness the missing link? Fitness in any limb, or part of the body, can only be achieved by exercising the moving parts, i.e. muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therefore movement builds fitness! Human feet all have 26 bones, but many more moving parts. So, as in any area, the right exercise, stimulation and …

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Foot Deformities

What is the one single thing that can have the greatest effect on deformed feet, whether by birth defect, disease or accident? Movement!! Scar tissue needs continual massage to loosen up. Torn or damaged tendons need gentle stretch/massage exercise to heal and strengthen. Surgically repaired bone structures need strong muscle structures to support and keep …

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Be Foot Wise

   ”  I bought my step forward insets about 8 years ago. I will never forget the immediate pain relief from plantar fasciitis. After using them every day for 12 months, I remained pain free and recovered from plantar fasciitis completely. I am ever grateful and recommend your product and compliment your service whenever I can.  ”  …

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